antidroidtheft is a free app that will help you track your android phone if it has been lost or stolen. It uses your phone's built in tracking ability to allow you to locate your phone using the internet and a web browser. Once the application is installed on your phone, you may go to this page to track your phone. You will also recieve email updates if someone changes the phone number for the phone, so if you are unable to locate the phone, you will get the phone number of the person who found / stole it.

antidroidtheft is a completely free service, losing a smart phone can be an espcially bad thing, since they are so expensive, and carry so much information. The developer of this application decided to make this application after having a phone stolen. Since so many people are using this application and website, help is needed to keep the service up and running, and to offer improvements, so any donations are welcome. You can donate using the button below:

antidroidtheft features

  • Email alerts when someone changes SIM cards
  • Online location tracking of your android device using GPS or Cell Towers (Any Web Browser)
  • Spy Camera: View images taken from your phone's camera.

Available Free on Android Market

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